Three Tips to Make Your Auto Glass Last Longer

U.S. car owners keep their vehicles for an average of 8.4 years. Regular maintenance ensures that your vehicle lasts a long time. It’s no wonder car owners feel apprehensive about scheduling appointments at auto shops, considering the potential expenses involved. There are steps you can take to prolong the lifespan of auto and semi-truck glass.…

Tempered or Laminated GlassBlog

Which Is Better: Tempered or Laminated Auto Glass?

The automotive sector has introduced numerous technological advancements aimed at enhancing safety, efficiency, and comfort. These innovations include enhancements in auto glass quality and design to improve passenger comfort and safety. Tempered glass is most commonly used for auto side windows and back glasses, while laminated glass is typically used for windshields. As a trusted…

Windshield ReplacementBlog

Does Auto Insurance Cover Windshield and Window Replacements?

Certain auto insurance plans do include coverage for windshield and auto glass replacements. The two most common types of auto insurance are minimum coverage and full coverage. Minimum coverage provides the least protection required by most states for a driver to be permitted to drive. Full coverage auto insurance policies include not only the minimum…