U.S. car owners hold on to their vehicles for 8.4 years on average before they trade them in for a newer model. Parts eventually break down, whether it’s the auto glass or the carburetor.

Owning a car means more than just filling it up with gas. It takes maintenance and attention to detail to make your ride last you a long time. It doesn’t come as a surprise that many car owners dread when it’s time to bring the car to the auto shop, as it can be a costly appointment.

But what if you could prolong your car parts’ lifespan to save on future expenses? Continue reading to see what you can do and where to turn for the most customer-friendly auto glass repairs in Indianapolis.

Shade Your Car Glass

A sunshade will safeguard your whole vehicle from heat. Your car can become a sauna if left in the sun for too long, especially if you live in a warm area. This isn’t just uncomfortable. The heat can cause auto glass to develop tiny cracks. This is due to temperature fluctuations, as you have cool air from the AC and heat from sunlight.

Sunshades work on all windshield sizes and types and protect your car’s interior from sun exposure. You can also use tinted foil for your car windows. 

Also, the temperature inside a car can rise quickly, making it an especially hazardous environment for children. So, next time you park your car outside on a sunny day, don’t forget to shield it from the heat with a sunshade. 

Window Cleaning Goes a Long Way

Clean Car Windows

Keeping your windows nice and clean will prolong their lifespan. However, if your car has already suffered auto glass damage, head to the best auto glass repairs in Indianapolis and take care of the issue as soon as possible.

Clean your auto glass regularly using a soft cloth and a specially-made auto glass cleaning solution. Grim build-up on your windshield and windows can restrict your vision on the road and endanger your and your passengers’ safety.

Wiping the windows clean twice a week can help your auto glass stay as good as new.

Replace the Windshield Wipers Twice a Year

Functioning wipers help your windshield stay clean and free from water, debris, and insects. Windshield wipers aren’t the top priority for car owners, but drivers see how beneficial they’ve been when they stop working.

If you don’t feel like replacing your windshield wipers regularly yourself, you can always visit a reliable car shop. Rest assured, your windows and glass surfaces will be in top shape. 

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