When selecting a new vehicle, glass is often overlooked. However, the windshield plays a crucial role in safety, constituting 45% of a vehicle’s structural integrity and significantly improving occupants’ safety. When your vehicle requires auto glass repair or replacement, entrusting the task to professionals is essential. Equally important is choosing the right service provider.

Read on as we present a guide on selecting the best auto and semi-truck glass repair and replacement service in Carmel, Indiana, and discover how our services can help you.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Company

Windshield glass plays a significant role in a car’s overall endurance, especially in case of a collision. Here are some items to consider when choosing an auto glass company for auto and semi-truck repairs or replacements.

1. Your Insurance Policy May Cover Your Charges

Your car insurance coverage may fully or partially cover your costs for auto glass repair or replacement. Most licensed auto glass repair and replacement companies accept insurance policies, so it’s essential to provide your insurance details to the provider of your choice.

2. Choosing the Best Glass

The automotive sector ranks among the largest industries globally, meaning there are many different part options available for repairs or replacements. However, certain manufacturers fail to meet the necessary specifications of the original parts. When looking for a replacement windshield or glass for your car, choose OEM (original equipment match) or OEE (original equipment equivalent). Remember, you have the right to choose your own glass.

3. Know the Special Procedures for Auto Glass Repairs and Replacements

Regardless of the car make and model, each auto glass repair or replacement requires a specific approach. First, the trim that holds the glass in place is removed. Next, the windshield is removed, and the area is thoroughly cleaned and dried before the urethane is applied. The final step is the replacement itself.

4. New Auto Glass Should Come with a Warranty

Always inquire about the warranty when choosing a company for your auto or semi-truck glass repair or replacement. Sentry Glass Inc. offers a lifetime warranty on our workmanship.

5. Offer Materials of the Highest Quality

Urethane is used to adhere the glass to the vehicle’s body. Its quality is paramount, ideally reaching at least 1,000 PSI (pounds per square inch) due to its chemical capacity to bind the glass and car body securely. Without this high-grade material, loose car glass poses risks of breakage, compromised air conditioning efficiency, and potential water leakage issues.

The Best Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Providers in Carmel, IN, and Across Indiana

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