The windshield is much more than a transparent pane of glass. It’s an essential component of your car’s protection system. It can protect you from unwanted elements beyond your control, such as accidents, the harmful effect of UV rays, and various natural factors. 

Any form of windshield damage should be repaired immediately. In this blog, we discuss the windshield’s role in your car’s safety.

A Primary Source of Safety

In an accident, your windshield may keep you inside the vehicle. If you’re not buckled up, the force of the collision will launch you forward. You would fly out of the car without a windshield. 

Although there’s still the risk of getting hurt, the damage won’t be as severe.

Structural Integrity

Structural Integrity

Your car’s structural integrity is also partly maintained by its windshield. A tie-in unit is a windscreen. This implies that it unifies the entire frame and increases its strength and rigidity. 

Your windshield performs various functions to maintain structural integrity and ensure safety if you’re involved in a car accident.

In the event of a rollover, the windshield aids in maintaining the passenger cabin in its initial configuration. The windscreen prevents the roof from collapsing on you and any other occupants, which helps distribute some of the pressure that ultimately runs through it. 

Additionally, it strengthens the pillars supporting the roof, ensuring they can sustain themselves and remain intact. Airbags also affect the structural integrity of your windshield. The passenger’s side airbags do not have the steering wheel behind them like the driver’s side does to ensure proper deployment. 

Those airbags require something to serve as a backup. The airbag will hit the windshield and land where it should when it deploys, thanks to the backstop.

The Benefits of Laminated Glass

Your windshield’s laminated glass composition is one reason it can maintain security. Two or more layers of glass are laminated together with an adhesive resin. Between the two glass pieces is the adhesive. 

The glass layers are then heated and crushed to combine into a single solid piece. You are safer thanks to this glass in more ways than one.

Laminated glass is more difficult to break. Even if one side of the glass develops a chip or break, the multiple layers and adhesive enable the windshield to stay almost undamaged. Because the glass won’t scatter, you won’t wind up with sharp glass fragments falling on you and slicing you in half.

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