Auto Glass Repairs in Mooresville

Windshield damage is common. Falling rocks or debris, inclement weather like hail, and severe changes in temperature can wear your car’s glass down or crack it. When that happens, you need car glass repair services.

Visit our shop in Mooresville for auto glass repairs and get quick, reliable services. We also offer car glass replacement services, should the glass be too damaged to repair.

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Auto Glass Repair

Fix small cracks on your windshield or window.

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Auto Glass Replacement

Car window and windshield replacement for when the damage is too severe to repair.

Our Process

1. Contact Us

To streamline the process, we first need to know about your vehicle’s make and model, its model year, and what the damage is.

Call us at +1 (317) 577-8147, email us at, or fill out our contact form to discuss your needs.

2. Inspection at Our Shop or at Your Home

Our technician can inspect your vehicle at our shop or we can schedule a visit so our technician can inspect your vehicle at your home.

3. Quote and Service

With the inspection out of the way, we’ll be able to give you our best recommendations and a quote for our car glass repair or replacement services. With your go-ahead, we’ll start working on your car immediately.

Ensure Your Safety

A crack on your windshield or window compromises your safety. It obstructs your vision, weakens the roof’s structural integrity, and is an additional hazard during accidents. 

The windshield helps ensure that airbags inflate towards the driver and passengers during a collision. They’re also designed to hold together even if they do break, but cracked glass can shatter instead, potentially injuring everyone inside the car.

A crack can also allow outside air to come in, messing with your car’s internal temperature.

Should cracks appear on your windshield or windows, immediate repairs or replacements are necessary. Let Sentry Glass ensure your safety.

Our Services

We offer the following to car owners in Mooresville, IN:

We’ve got the tools and experience to make your windshield look good as new.

Fix minor damage to your car window before it grows into a bigger problem.

Areas We Serve

Our car window and windshield repair and replacement service are available in the following areas:


Sentry Glass has provided countless car owners with superior services. You can find photos of auto glass repairs we’ve done here.

Exceptional Service, Competitive Pricing

Sentry Glass has been providing auto glass repair services since 1991. When you choose us, you get top quality work at prices that are sure to fit your budget.

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