Full-Service Auto Glass Repair and Replacement in Zionsville

When your windshield or windows have been cracked or chipped, don’t wait for the problem to worsen. Bring it to Sentry Glass Inc. right away. Our technicians service all makes and models of vehicles in Zionsville, restoring damaged auto glass to pristine condition.

Once our team repairs or replaces your window or windshield, you no longer have to worry about dirty air or debris entering your car through cracked glass. You and your passengers are safe.

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Auto Glass Repair

If your windshield in cracked or chipped, we will replace or repair it for you to prevent further damage.


Auto Glass Replacement

Experience hassle-free replacement services from skilled and trained technicians.

Our Process

1. Get in touch and tell us the make and year of your car.

 2. Describe the damage to your window or windshield.

 3. Choose your service—you can either request our technician to visit you, or bring your car to our shop.

4. Have our technician assess the damage and recommend solutions.

5. Proceed with replacement or repair.

Enjoy Professional Services

  • Industry-Standard Practices. Your car will be handled by technicians trained in using modern tools and practices.
  • Decades of Experience. Sentry Glass has over 25 years of experience in servicing vehicles in Zionsville.
  • For All Makes and Models. Whatever kind of vehicle you’re driving, we can replace or repair your windshield or windows.

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Why Choose Us

As a family-owned and -operated business, Sentry Glass understands how difficult and dangerous it is to have a broken windshield or window. Our technicians provide quick and efficient services to ensure you and your passengers’ safety and comfort on the road.

Get your auto glass fixed with Sentry Glass.