Full-Service Auto Glass Repair and Replacement in Noblesville

While driving, if a rock on the road flies up, hits your windshield, and chips it, you might be tempted to ignore it and move on, especially if the damage seems minor. However, a chipped or cracked windshield isn’t just unsightly — it’s also dangerous.

Chips or cracks in your glass can hinder your vision while driving. Over time, wind, rain, snow, dirt, and debris will place pressure on the glass, causing the damage to worsen. A cracked windshield can shatter, leaving the roof vulnerable to collapse if the vehicle rolls over.

If your windshield has chips or cracks, whether a bull’s eye or a hairline crack, don’t wait. Contact the experts at Sentry Glass Inc. in Noblesville for convenient mobile windshield repair at no additional charge.

Our team will assess the damage and determine whether it requires a repair or replacement. Afterward, you can drive confidently, knowing you and your passengers are safe from the dangers of a damaged windshield.


auto glass repair

Auto Glass Repair

Hassle-free repair of windshields at our shop or your location

auto glass

Auto Glass Replacement

Windshield replacement for all vehicle makes and models

Our Process

1. Get in touch with us by phone at +1 (317) 577-8147 or admin@sentryglassinc.com.

2. Describe the damage — how bad it is and what the cause was.

3. Decide whether to bring your vehicle to our shop or have us come to you.

4. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect the auto glass to determine the best action.

5. We repair the damage if it’s fixable or replace the windshield if it’s too damaged.

Convenient Mobile and On-Site Windshield Repair and Replacement

Driving with a severely cracked or chipped windshield can compromise your safety. For this reason, we offer a mobile repair or replacement option, allowing you to relax or do other tasks while our team repairs or replaces your windshield or window.

We work on passenger vehicles, heavy trucks, and commercial fleets. You can rely on the Sentry Glass Inc. team for all your auto glass needs.

Our Completed Projects

We use only the highest quality glass and the latest equipment and techniques for the best possible results. See the Sentry Glass Inc. difference by checking out photos of some of our past work.

Why Choose Us

Sentry Glass Inc. has provided quality auto glass repair and replacement services for residential and commercial vehicle owners for over thirty years. We work hard to maintain our reputation for quality work and friendly customer service.

We aim to provide our clients with value for money, which is why we offer our services at competitive rates. We also offer a lifetime warranty on our workmanship to give you peace of mind.