Full-Service Auto Glass Repair and Replacement in Martinsville

Your windshield protects you from UV rays and debris, and in the event of a collision, it also absorbs the force of airbag deployment and prevents passengers from being ejected from the vehicle. 

Additionally, it helps support the roof so that it doesn’t collapse in a rollover.

Chips and cracks in your windshield affect your view of the road. For instance, they can cause glare in sunny conditions and obstruct your vision.

Because your windshield is critical to staying safe on the road, it’s important that any damage that affects its integrity be addressed quickly. A chip or crack on your windshield might seem minor, but if left unrepaired, it could be hazardous to you and your passengers.

For fast, professional repair or replacement of auto glass in Martinsville, IN, turn to the professionals at Sentry Glass Inc..


auto glass repair

Auto Glass Repair

Repairs done by trained technicians at your location or on-site

auto glass

Auto Glass Replacement

High-quality glass installation for severely damaged windshields

Our Process

1. Contact us and provide your vehicle’s year, make, and model.

2. Describe the damage so we can help you determine the best solution.

3. Choose between taking your vehicle to our location or having us make a home visit at no additional charge.

4. Our technicians will inspect your auto glass to determine whether it can be repaired or if it should be replaced.

5. We’ll repair or replace your windshield or auto glass.

Sentry Glass Inc.: A Trusted Name in Windshield Repair

Since our founding in 1991, our company has been repairing and replacing auto glass on passenger and commercial vehicles. Over the years, we’ve built a strong reputation for our dedication to customer satisfaction in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

Our full-service shop in Greenwood is staffed by a highly trained and experienced team and equipped with the latest tools and materials to address your auto glass damage. We also offer a mobile service at no additional charge to make a windshield repair or replacement more convenient.

As a woman-owned and operated business, we work according to our values of doing things correctly and going above and beyond for all our customers, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on our workmanship. So whether you’re having your sedan’s windshield repaired or your entire commercial fleet’s auto glass replaced, you can rely on us for fast response, quality work, and excellent service.


We put our full effort into every project, and the proof is in the results. Check out some of our past work to better understand what sets us apart from other auto glass companies in Indiana.

Why Choose Us

We understand that our customers lead busy lives. That’s why we repair and replace your auto glass as efficiently and quickly as possible while ensuring superior results. We also offer a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

Our services are priced competitively to give you the best value for your money. To learn more about what we offer, contact us at 317-577-8147 or admin@sentryglassinc.com today!