Full-Service Auto Glass Repair and Replacement in Greenwood, IN

There are many ways a windshield can become damaged. We see many cases at Sentry Glass Inc. related to falling objects, like tree branches and heavy snow. Other factors cause windshield damage, like constant exposure to harsh sunlight and sudden temperature changes when you turn on the heater.

Regardless of the reason for your broken windshield, you can count on us for full-service and efficient auto glass repair and replacement throughout Greenwood, IN. Our team will address your emergency call immediately.

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Auto Glass Repair

If the chip(s) is the same size as a quarter or smaller, it can be repaired. We use advanced sealing technology with the right materials, tools, resin, and finishing to fix the chip(s) on your windshield to prevent it from cracking or spreading. The repair does not always remove the blemish but will keep the impact point from spreading.

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Auto Glass Replacement

Enjoy a quick, hassle-free windshield or window replacement.

Our Process

1. Contact Us. Tell us the make and year of your vehicle.

 2. Describe the Damage. Tell us the damage to your windshield or window.

 3. Select the Service. You may either take the vehicle to our shop or have our technician visit you on-site.

4. Inspect the Damage. We determine the right solution for the damage.

5. Perform the Service. Our technician proceeds with the repair or replacement.

Don’t Deal with Broken Windshields Alone

We know how much a broken windshield can disrupt your daily schedule, so we offer exceptional support if your windshield breaks.

We have a straightforward service process proven to get your vehicle up and running quickly.

First, we ask about your vehicle model and the glass damage.

Then, we inspect the situation to determine whether we can repair the window or if it needs a replacement.

Finally, we immediately get to work so you can get back on the road with clear vision through your windshield.

Our full-service auto glass repair and replacement service is fast and affordable. We provide exceptional pricing and quick response times that address your headache as quickly as possible.

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Why Choose Us

Sentry Glass is a family-owned-and-operated auto glass repair company serving Greenwood residents for three decades and counting. We know how much time a broken windshield takes away from your work or lifestyle. So we do everything we can to fix it and get it right the first time.

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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