Auto glass technicians use two categories of windshields in replacements: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE). The original manufacturer of your vehicle produces OEM windshields, while OEE parts are aftermarket parts sold by a third party. Your desired balance between cost and quality will determine the choice that suits you best.

Read on to learn more about the differences between OEM and OEE windshields.  

OEM Windshields

An OEM replacement windshield is crafted by the same manufacturer responsible for the original one. It bears unique specifications specified by the car maker exclusively for that particular year, make, and model.

Opting for an OEM windshield ensures the closest match possible in color, shape, and thickness to the original windshield being replaced. A notable benefit lies in the assurance of authenticity, denoted by the presence of the car manufacturer’s name and logo.

However, securing an authentic OEM windshield can be challenging due to windshield manufacturers’ limited production of such parts.

Additionally, it’s imperative to enlist the services of a reputable windshield replacement provider in Indianapolis to ensure proper replacement of your glass.

OEE/Aftermarket Windshields

OEE windshields are usually made by manufacturers that had no part in the original windshield manufacturing.

Sometimes, OEM manufacturers manufacture OEE windshields, ensuring they maintain identical specifications to the OEM version. In such instances, the OEM manufacturer simply replicates the original specifications onto the new OEE windshield.

Conversely, it’s important to take a closer look at quality when the OEE manufacturer differs from the OEM manufacturer. Some aftermarket windshield manufacturers produce their windshields through reverse-engineering the original, a process prone to flaws.


Both OEM and OEE windshields have advantages and disadvantages. When deciding on one over the other, you should consider several aspects: quality, price, and availability.

In some cases, opting for an OEM windshield ensures the best replacement option akin to the original windshield. OEM windshields maintain parity with the original, offering unmatched quality. Conversely, there are some incidents in which OEE/aftermarket windshields fall short of the car manufacturer’s stringent standards but comply with state regulations.

The cost disparity between OEM and OEE windshields primarily stems from the OEM’s adherence to specific car manufacturer specifications and approval, which is why OEM windshields are so much pricier than OEE windshields. Those seeking a more budget-friendly alternative will find OEE windshields a suitable choice.

Aftermarket windshields boast superior availability owing to the larger production volumes by OEE manufacturers, catering to a wide range of vehicles. In contrast, OEM manufacturers produce a limited number of additional windshields, resulting in comparatively smaller stocks.

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