Although repairing a cracked or chipped windshield is a simple and inexpensive task, replacing an entire windshield is a different matter. Fortunately, having car insurance can ease your mind knowing that any potential financial losses will be covered.

In 2020, the average physical damage claim for a private passenger vehicle insured under a comprehensive policy in the United States was worth $1,995. Aside from insurance, you’ll also want to protect your vehicle through proper maintenance and repair. If your car suffers windshield damage, it’s vital to choose an experienced and professional auto glass repair specialist in Indianapolis.

Car Insurance Damage Cover

Minimum and full coverage insurance are the two most popular auto insurance. Car insurance minimum coverage is the bare minimum of protection mandated by most states before a driver can get behind the wheel. However, comprehensive and collision coverage are considered extras and are not mandatory in any jurisdiction.

Full coverage on your auto insurance policy means you have both the minimum level of coverage required by the state and additional coverage for things like theft and accidents.

Do Auto Insurance Policies Pay For Windshield Replacements?


Coverage for such things would typically fall under your policy’s “comprehensive” heading. However, there may be alternate solutions available to you. This will depend on your insurance policy, applicable state laws, and the circumstances under which the glass was broken. Here’s how each form of insurance might respond to broken glass in your car.

Accident Coverage

Collision insurance covers loss and repairs to your vehicle as a result of a collision. In the event of an accident, such as an accident with another vehicle or a stationary object, collision insurance will likely pay for the cost of windshield replacement minus any deductible you’ve set. In contrast, your insurer may consider you as high risk and raise your premiums if you file many comprehensive claims in a short period.

Comprehensive Insurance

When you have collision insurance, you’re already covered in case of an accident, but comprehensive insurance offers protection against other unrelated risks. For example, your windshield may become cracked due to a falling tree branch, a pebble hitting the glass, a collision with a deer, or a violent hailstorm. Glass damage from the situations mentioned above may be covered by comprehensive insurance, less any applicable deductible.

Full Glass Coverage

In several states, clients can get supplemental glass coverage from their insurance company.  Its primary function is the replacement or repair of broken glass, and it typically includes the option of having no deductible at all.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Cracked Windshield?

Windshield repairs are more cost-effective than replacements. This is because the damage to a windshield will determine how much it will cost to repair. In contrast, a new windshield’s price can fluctuate for several reasons:

  • Type of glass used
  • Your location
  • Vehicle type and model

Don’t forget that if you file a claim for auto glass damage, your insurance company might pay for everything except your deductible, depending on your policy and the laws in your state.

Choose Sentry Glass INC for Professional Auto Glass Repair

Cracked windshields are expensive to repair or replace. If you value your safety, you should purchase full coverage auto insurance. Choosing a professional glass repair service is also essential. For over 25 years, vehicle owners in Indiana have relied on Sentry Glass Inc for all of their windshield repair and replacement needs.

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