If your laminated windshield is due for replacement soon, you might want some pointers to ensure its longevity. Many drivers neglect their windshields after replacing them, which is a huge mistake. While getting a brand-new windshield is a big deal, adequate post-replacement care is more crucial.

The first 24 to 48 hours following windshield replacement are crucial. How you drive or treat your car within this time frame will influence whether the new glass will properly settle into the windshield frame.

Keep reading to learn our four useful tips on proper post-replacement windshield care. In addition, see where to find reliable windshield replacement in Greenwood, Indiana.

Don’t Put Pressure on the Glass or the Seal 

Don’t Put Pressure on the Glass or the Seal 

One of the first things to remember after replacing a windshield is to put as little stress on it as possible. Don’t do anything that will prevent the glass from adhering to the frame. You can avoid doing certain things to ensure you’re allowing the glass to sit (and stick) to the windshield frame as it should, so it can last you longer.

  • Don’t rest against the glass or put items against it;
  • Don’t pressure-wash the glass for at least 48 hours;
  • Steer clear from bumpy roads;
  • Avoid exposing your car to extreme temperatures;
  • During the first 48 hours, avoid driving with all the windows down.

Give It at Least an Hour Before Driving Your Car 

Even after the windshield replacement is done, don’t drive your car immediately. The glass needs some time to settle, and vibrations during driving will disrupt the process.

Most windshield replacement experts recommend drivers wait for at least 60 minutes before driving their car, although it varies depending on the replacement process. For instance, some windshields need more time to adhere to the windshield frame, sometimes even up to 24 hours.

Be Careful How You Shut the Car Doors

Even if you haven’t just replaced your windshield, slamming the car doors is always a bad idea. Right after windshield replacement, pay extra attention to how you shut the car doors, especially during the first 48 hours.

Use as little force as possible whenever you open or close the doors. The first two days after windshield replacement are extremely important for the seal and the molding around the glass to harden. So, if you slam shut your car doors, you’re creating vibrations that will affect the sealing process. 

Don’t Remove the Retention Tape — It’s There for a Reason 

After getting your car back from the auto shop, you’ll see there’s tape around it. Whatever you do, don’t peel it off as this is a special type of auto tape used to shield it from debris and dirt getting into the sealant. 

Give it two days for the molding to settle before you take off the tape.

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