There are many ways auto glass can crack, and most drivers have experienced a similar issue.

Many states require insurance companies to provide free windshield repair coverage. In Indiana, insurers are not required to provide no-cost glass replacement coverage, although some offer free windshield repair coverage. There are several reasons windshields crack and different ways to repair them. 

Keep reading to learn about the types of windshield cracks and where to find the best auto glass replacement service in Indianapolis.

Impact Cracks

Auto glass is strong, but it’s not impenetrable. From hailstorms to heavy objects, your windshield can easily crack or chip when the impact is strong enough.

  • Bull’s Eye and Half-moon – These cracks happen when rocks, debris, and other small objects at high speed fall on the windshield. If the resulting crack is circular, it’s called a bull’s eye; if it’s asymmetrical, it will look like a half-moon. Unless the cracks are enormous, an auto glass repairer can fix both damages in no time.
  • Star or Ding – A star crack or a ding has a central circular point and extended lines in various directions. It’s often caused by impact from small objects. If not fixed immediately, a star crack can escalate quickly. 

In some cases, a star crack can lower your car value. If you want to sell in the future, it might be best to contact an auto glass replacement company in Indianapolis, IN.

Non-impact Cracks

A heavy or accelerated object is not the only thing that can cause a windshield crack. Sometimes the glass can crack on its own. Below are the types of non-impact windshield cracks. 

  • Stress – A stress crack is caused by extreme temperature or pressure changes. It typically occurs when you clean the windshield with warm water after it’s been exposed to low temperatures. Older windshields are also more susceptible to stress cracks. In most cases, a repair won’t suffice. And, the longer the crack, the higher chances of it requiring replacement.
  • Edge – These cracks start from at least two inches within the windshield’s edge. They can be between 10 and 12 inches long and the result of applied pressure against the windshield edge. Edge cracks are primarily caused by improper windshield installation and often require total replacement. 
  • Floater – Like stress cracks, sudden temperature shifts can cause floater cracks. They pop in the middle of the windshield. Depending on their depth, they might need a simple repair or total replacement. Floaters begin at least 2 inches further from the windshield’s edge. 

Combination Break

Besides the cracks mentioned above, you can also experience a combination break. They occur when multiple cracks happen simultaneously or one after the other, leading to enormous damage. Combination cracks require complete glass replacement. 

Professional Auto Glass Replacement Service in Indianapolis

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Taking quick action is key to saving your windshield from damage. If you ignore the issue, even the smallest crack or chip can lead to more damage. So, if you notice a crack, it’s wise to take your vehicle to an auto repair service immediately.

At Sentry Glass Inc., we have a 30-year reputation for providing quality auto glass repair and replacement services in Indianapolis. Our team of experienced auto glass specialists proudly serves the community in Indiana. Reach out today to learn more about our services and improve the quality of your windshield.