Ever since the first appearance of windshields on the market in 1904, many more innovations have started following up. One such innovation was the rear glass which was invented after the windshield.

At the beginning of modern vehicle designs, both the back and front windshields were made from the same glass. Today, their material differs, yet they both require the same care and attention. When the rear glass or the windshield gets damaged, we can’t use the vehicle anymore. You should replace it soon, by hiring a professional for the job.

Seeking out a quality auto glass repair fishers Indiana is a priority. But Before hiring a glass repair service, inform yourself about the topic to know what to look for.  

Features of the Back and Front Windshields

Many assume that the rear glass and the windshield require the same attention and care. However, that is incorrect.

They are both very different. The decision for them to be manufactured from different materials was brought because they both carry different features and serve different purposes. Also, their replacement requires separate skills, as their shape and size are different from one another. 

Different Types of Glass 

The most important difference is the different type of glass used when manufacturing the rear glass and windshield, so this is the reason why you will get different price offers when replacing any of them. 

The front windshield is made from two layers of laminated glass with vinyl in between. Laminated glass is very strong, created not to burst into pieces if something hits the front car window. That is because it is meant to protect the people inside from being hurt. 

The rear glass window is made from tempered glass. It has totally opposite features to the front windshield, as it is meant to shatter into pieces when broken. Its aim is to open an escape route for drivers and passengers if an accident occurs. When the glass breaks, it is designed to burst into small pebble-like bits to avoid getting anyone injured. 

Defrost Grit Application

Another difference is a visible one – the lines that are on the rear window. That is the defrost grit that’s meant to melt the ice on the rear window in cold temperatures. 

The grit takes longer to be applied, which is why the money you will pay for the back windshield will differ. Also, the front windshield can be defrosted by itself as it is closer to the heater, so the grit is an essential element of the rear glass.

Detailed Clean-Up

Since the back windshield is meant to shatter in bits, the glass replacement can’t start without a detailed clean-up. Once the back area is cleaned properly and thoroughly, the glass installation can start.

In most cases, the front windshield is removed as a whole piece. The laminated glass keeps each piece intact, so a detailed glass cleaning won’t be necessary. 

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