Modern vehicles have layered windowshields, but the idea originated back in the 1930s. The car windows are designed in a way that prevents the glass from scattering into million pieces when broke. It is held together by a plastic merger in the middle, keeping both of the glass sides in one piece. By applying this, the driver and passengers are less likely to get hurt from the sharp broken glass bits. 

Still, dealing with a broken glass can be dangerous and can still cause an injury. It’s important to have a professional remove and replace your broken car window as soon as possible.   

If you ever experience such an accident, searching for car window replacement Indianapolis, or in other nearby areas, will help you to resolve your problem faster. 

Steps to Follow 

Protecting yourself is the number one priority when your car window breaks. Here are a few things to do to avoid further complications and deal with the unfortunate event as soon as possible. 

Contact the Police

Two most common reasons for a broken window are car accidents and vandalism.. In both of these cases the police you need to contact the police, as both situations must be inspected and acted upon according to the law.

However, make sure not to touch anything before the police arrive. Important clues about the incident might be hidden somewhere in your vehicle, so the police should be the first ones to inspect the scene. 

Contact Your Insurance Company

After specifying the cause of your car window breaking in the first place, you should contact your insurance company. If your insurance policy covers broken windows, they’ll need a detailed look at the accident so you can file a claim.

Remove the Broken Glass Pieces

Because of the layered window glass design, the chance of having glass bits splattered everywhere is small.

Still, cleaning the inside and outside of the vehicle with a vacuum cleaner or broom is recommended. If there are any small glass pieces, they should be cleaned so you can prevent further injuries. 

Place a Cover Over the Broken Window

Firstly, you must note that this is a temporary solution, and driving with a cover window is not recommended as it is only to prevent rain or debris from getting inside the vehicle. 

The cover can be made from duct tape or plastic bag – or whatever useful material you have in the back of your car. Be extra careful while doing this, so as not to injure yourself.

Get Your Car Window Replaced 

It is hazardous to drive your car around with a broken window, so you should get it fixed as soon as you can. Check to see if the broken window has harmed any other part of your car so that it can be fixed too. 

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