Your car’s windshield plays an important part in keeping you safe during an accident. It prevents the car roof from collapsing or you from being ejected from the car and helps airbags properly deploy. That’s why it’s always important to keep your windshield in good working order. If you recently replaced your windshield, there are a few things you need to do to care for and maintain it.

As experts in windshield replacement in Greenwood, Indiana, Sentry Glass has these recommendations.

Right After the Windshield is Replaced

1. Do Not Drive Your Car Immediately

The adhesive that’s holding your windshield in place needs time to set and dry. Vibrations caused by driving can loosen the adhesive’s hold and prevent it from creating a waterproof seal around the windshield. For optimal results, wait at least an hour before driving the car.

2. Do not Remove the Retention Tapes

Glass technicians use retention tapes to hold the moldings and ensure the seal is protected. Removing the tapes exposes them to elements that can interfere with the molding’s drying process and lower its quality. It is recommended to let the tapes stay on for the next 48 hours.

3. Avoid Having Your Car Washed

Avoid car washes and power washers for the first two days of your new car windshield. Spraying water or using high-pressure hoses can damage the auto glass seal and the outer moldings, especially if they haven’t fully cured yet.

4. Keep the Car Dry and Clear

As you’re waiting for the auto glass seal and moldings to dry, it’s best not to expose them to anything that can adhere or push against it. Avoid placing any covers on your car for the next three days, and make sure the car is parked in a safe, dry, and undisturbed area.

Air pressure can also place extra stress on the auto glass seal and cause leaks. Consider opening a couple of windows, so the pressure doesn’t build up. It’s best practice to do it on the same day the windshield is installed.

Maintaining Your Car’s Windshield

Taking care of your new windshield should continue well beyond the first few days of installation. Here are some important tips to help keep your windshield in shape.

1. Use The Right Cleaning Materials

Your windshield is not a normal form of glass. That means it should not be cleaned with regular glass cleaners. Most glass cleaners contain ammonia that can damage your windshield over time. Use cleaners that are specifically designed for cars. Use sponges or microfiber cloths when wiping the windshield as well.

2. Do Not Slam Your Car Doors

Every time you slam your car door, it causes excess vibrations that can damage car windows. Slamming your door can loosen your windshield, which can be dangerous when driving. It can cause cracks on the glass if done many times.

3. Check the Windshield Regularly and Have It Repaired If Necessary

Always make it a habit to inspect your windshield regularly to spot imperfections. Look for signs of cracks, scratches, chips, and other damage. Even minor damage can lead to something serious if ignored. Get your windshield inspected and repaired by a professional at the first sign of damage.

Knowing what to do after getting your windshield replaced will help extend its life and reduce the need for unnecessary repairs. Properly maintaining your windshield also keeps you and your passengers safe in the long run.

Sentry Glass Inc. provides high-quality auto glass repair and replacement services in the Indianapolis area. If you think your car’s windshield is damaged, contact us today, and we’ll help you get it repaired or replaced.