Since windshields were introduced on the market in 1904, numerous innovations have emerged, including the invention of back glasses. In the early stages of modern vehicle design, windshields and back glasses were crafted from the same glass material. Although today, their materials may differ, they still require equal attention. A damaged windshield or back glass renders the vehicle unsafe, necessitating prompt repair or replacement by a professional.

Little-Known History of the Car Windshield

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Features of the Windshield and Back Glass

There’s a common misconception that windshields and back glasses require identical care. Contrary to this belief, they are fundamentally distinct from each other. The decision to use different materials for their manufacturing stemmed from their unique features and purposes. Given their differing shapes and sizes, windshield and back glass replacements require distinct skills for the replacement process.

Different Glass Types

The primary difference between windshields and back glasses lies in the type of glass (laminated or tempered) utilized in the manufacturing process.

Windshields consist of two layers of laminated glass with a vinyl layer in between. This laminated glass is exceptionally strong and engineered to prevent shattering upon impact, safeguarding occupants from potential harm.

In contrast, back glasses are made from tempered glass. Designed to break into tiny fragments upon impact, broken tempered glass serves as an emergency exit route for drivers and passengers in the event of an accident. Its fracture pattern ensures that broken glass forms small, pebble-like pieces to minimize the risk of injury.

Defrost Methods

Another distinction between windshields and back glasses is readily apparent the presence of visible lines on the back glass. These lines thaw ice accumulation on the back glass during cold weather.

Broken Windshield Versus Broken Back Glass Cleanup

The windshield is typically removed as a single unit. The laminated glass ensures that each piece remains intact, eliminating the need for an extensive glass cleanup process.

The vehicle should be meticulously cleaned before starting a back glass replacement, as back glasses tend to shatter into small pieces.

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