It’s easy to assume that everything is fine right after having your windshield repaired or replaced—at least until something wrong happens.

A CBS News report found that as many as 70 to 85 percent of windshields are not properly installed. The report was sparked by a rollover accident, where a woman was violently ejected from the driver’s seat when the windshield popped out. Why did the windshield pop out? It turned out that the glass was not bonded properly.

Windshields are more than glass to keep the wind or insects away from our faces during driving. According to automotive glass experts at, windshields also play an important part in keeping you safe, like:

  • Providing up to 60% of the strength needed to keep your roof from collapsing during a rollover accident.
  • Acting as a stopping mechanism for side passenger airbags. A compromised windshield prevents airbags from opening properly, which could result in injuries.

As your trusted auto glass repair experts in Carmel, Indiana, Sentry Glass keeps you safe on the road. In this article, we’ll teach you what to check to know if your windshield was installed incorrectly. Here are three common ways.

1. Water is leaking through your windshield.

If you’re driving on a rainy day or taking your car through the local car wash, keep an eye out for any water leaking from your windshield. Look closely at areas where the glass meets the edges of the car’s windshield frame.

If you notice even a few drops of water inside, it’s already a sign that either your windshield is damaged or it was improperly installed. Left unchecked, water could seep into the dashboard and short out electrical equipment, which is very dangerous when you’re driving.

2. The view from the driver’s seat is hazy and blurry.

Windshield glass is designed to be clear, smooth, and consistent. If you start noticing your windshield getting hazy or blurry over time, it may be because of two things:

  • The glass has shifted from its original position, so that means it wasn’t securely installed.
  • The type of glass installed is of low quality or is already damaged despite being new.

Impaired visibility on the road is an urgent reason for windshield replacement. According to a Texas A&M Transportation Institute study, when the driver’s view isn’t clear, the likelihood of crashes increases by 19.7%. So, it’s important to have high visibility of the road while driving.

3.You hear whistling, whooshing, or rattling.

Another common sign of improper windshield installation is the presence of a dull “whoosh” sound when you’re driving. It becomes significantly more audible at higher speeds. What you hear is likely the sound of air getting into the cracks and crevices.

Other times, you might hear a rattling sound while driving. This may be the windshield moving because it doesn’t fit properly into the car’s frame. It could also be an indication that the adhesive used to secure the glass failed to do its job, causing the windshield to vibrate violently as you drive.

What Should You Do?

Leaving these windshield imperfections to chance is not only unwise but also endangers you and your passengers while on the road. If you start noticing any of these red flags, it’s best to visit an auto glass expert immediately. They’ll be able to check, repair, or replace your windshield properly so you can go back to driving in peace.

If you’re looking for trusted auto glass repair and replacement experts in the Carme, Indiana area, visit Sentry Glass, Inc. We offer affordable and high-quality auto glass services to treat any windshield damage.

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