The windshield is a vital safety component of any car. It provides security and peace of mind against harsh weather and flying debris. Constant exposure to these hazards, however, makes it more susceptible to damage.

When your car’s windshield develops cracks and chips, it is easy to dismiss them as a simple cosmetic issue. However, a damaged windshield can expose you and your passengers to danger. Prevent this from happening by getting it examined by a reputable windshield replacement shop in Greenwood, Indiana.

The following are some of the dangers you could avoid if you have your chipped or cracked windshield checked and repaired or replaced by a professional:

Loss of the Vehicle’s Structural Integrity

A well-maintained windshield offers 40% of the structural support of a car’s roof. The support it provides is especially crucial in the event of a car accident. For instance, if a rollover occurs, the windshield will act as a support beam and prevent the roof from collapsing. However, cracks or chips may weaken the windshield and cause it to cave in.

Risk of Fatal Accidents

If a collision occurs, the windshield keeps the vehicle’s occupants contained inside the car. If it is damaged, however, the glass may shatter easily. This may cause the driver and their passengers to be thrown out of the vehicle, especially if they’re not wearing seatbelts.

Reduced Visibility When Driving

Chips and cracks can create a blind spot and make it difficult for you to drive. If the damage sits directly in your line of sight, it’s best to have the windshield repaired by a professional right away.

Even if it doesn’t, you should still bring your vehicle to a windshield repair shop. When sunlight or the light from other cars hits a crack or chip, it can create glare. This can obstruct your vision while driving and increase your risk of getting into a vehicular accident.

Malfunction in Airbag Deployment

When a severe car collision takes place, airbags are deployed to cushion you from impact. Airbags, however, are dependent on the windshield. This is because the windshield serves as a backstop that directs the inflation of airbags toward the driver and passengers.

If your windshield is damaged, it may easily break upon impact and reduce the effectiveness of the airbags. This can result in life-threatening injuries, especially for the driver and the person in the passenger seat.

The Sentry Glass Inc. Advantage

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