The automotive industry has introduced technological innovations to improve safety, comfort, and efficiency. Among these advancements include improvements in auto glass design to increase passenger convenience and protection.

As your trusted windshield replacement specialist in Indianapolis, we’re here to help you pick the right window type for your vehicle. Read on to learn the difference between the two major types of auto glass windows: tempered and laminated.

So which one to go with? Keep reading to find out more!

What is Tempered Glass?

Often referred to as toughened glass, tempered glass can be used in various applications within buildings. It’s the result of a lengthy production procedure. First, the glass sheets are heated to extremely high temperatures, and then they are rapidly cooled.

It’s resistant to forceful hits, so even if it is broken, the shards of glass are so minute that they pose no danger to anyone. This is why it’s classified as “safety glass.”

What Does Tempered Glass Do?

Tempered glass, made from glass with a higher silica content, is stronger than conventional glass but may still be broken with relative ease. Tempered glass is considered safety glass because it is much more robust than standard glass and can be broken into smaller, less dangerous pieces called “pebbles” instead of sharp shards.

However, tempered glass is not repairable in contrast to laminated glass. Minor damage to laminated glass can be fixed, but any crack will cause tempered glass to shatter.

What Is Laminated Glass?

To create laminated glass, two or more sheets of glass are fused with an adhesive resin interlayer. The incredible durability of laminated glass is largely due to the intermediate adhesive layer, making it durable enough to withstand blows without succumbing to any of them.

In addition, the interlayer holds the glass panes securely in their frames even under extreme pressure, protecting the building from break-ins and other forms of damage.

What Does Laminated Glass Do?

Laminated glass was first developed to protect passengers from harm in an accident. A high enough force can cause one side of the glass to shatter without breaking the other. If the glass breaks in two places, the shards will remain connected and form a spider web.

The laminated glass prevents the passage of high-frequency sound and shields its occupants from the sun. A benefit of laminated glass is that you can easily repair minor impact-related damage with a transparent adhesive resin.

Tempered or Laminated: Which Is Better?

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Tempered and laminated glass are both considered safety glass, but the latter is more expensive. While tempered glass is more commonly used, laminated glass is stronger. However, high costs can deter vehicle owners from choosing laminated glass.

While tempered glass is more durable and less likely to shatter, laminated glass gives protection from the sun’s rays, an added layer of security, and even some soundproofing.

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