Your windshield plays a vital role in your car’s safety and protection. It is designed and made to be durable and long-lasting. But you can never tell when something, whether an accident or poor installation, will compromise your windshield’s dependability.

Although there are emergency car windshield repair services available, it pays to be prepared for different scenarios. Apart from keeping your car in good shape, knowing the common causes of windshield damage can protect you from accidents.

How Do Windshields Get Damaged?

Your windshield, although sturdy and strong, is still made of glass. In certain situations, it can shatter completely. Learn why this happens and how you can prevent or address the damage.

Road Debris

When small rocks, stones, and pebbles are thrown by fast-driving cars, they present a safety risk to surrounding motorists and pedestrians. When debris hits your windshield, it can damage the glass. The damage can range from scratches to cracks.

Depending on how severe the damage is, you should consider calling for mobile windshield repair services. You can avoid this scenario by reducing your speed when a car is overtaking you on the road. This is especially important on dirt roads and areas undergoing construction.

Sudden Temperature Change

Windshields are treated to resist breakage, but extreme and sudden temperature changes can cause them to crack and shatter. Glass expands when it’s warm and contracts when it’s cold. If there’s a sudden shift in the weather—whether because of a blizzard or a heatwave—it puts your windshield at risk of major damage. Make sure you park in a climate-controlled area to prevent this scenario.

Bad Weather Conditions

Inclement weather has a tendency to create damaging debris. Hard rains and strong winds cause tree branches to break off. When these branches or trunks fall on your windshield, depending on the impact, they can cause significant damage to the glass.

Strong hailstorms can create large pieces of hail to hit your windshield, scratching and cracking the glass. If you can, avoid driving in bad weather. Also, either park your car in a garage or place a cover over it.

Road Accidents

Road accidents, specifically collisions, are considered the most common cause of windshield damage. Collisions occur for many reasons, including traffic accidents involving two or multiple cars and drivers accidentally hitting an animal or a pedestrian on the road.

Apart from these, collisions may involve other factors such as flying sports equipment (e.g. golf balls, baseballs, tennis balls). Although there is no way to tell when an accident will happen, driving carefully and being vigilant on the road can help you avoid these scenarios.

How Do You Fix a Windshield?

When you experience windshield damage, it’s advisable to call professionals. This is a robust piece for your car, requiring technical know-how and expertise. Sentry Glass provides windshield repair services, including mobile windshield repair.

Make sure you and your car are safe and protected with high-quality automotive glass. Let Sentry Glass handle your repair and maintenance needs. For details, call 1 (317) 577-8147 or send an email to