A windshield replacement will typically cost a car owner roughly $200 to $400. The actual cost of the windshield depends mainly on the type of car you drive and who you get to install it for you. But ultimately, a windshield replacement is a significant investment for a car owner.

Sentry Glass Inc. has often received clients who come for mobile auto glass replacement corrections after receiving their first replacement from other establishments. Some of them have also tried to repair and replace their windshields independently. The problems that arise after a windshield gets replaced are often due to aftercare issues or improper installation.

Here are some common problems that surface after a windshield is replaced that you should be aware of.

Leaks or sealing problems

To ensure that your windshield is installed correctly, you must check how airtight the seals are. If a windshield is not installed correctly or sealed, or if it’s the wrong size and cut for the vehicle model, there’s a high likelihood of leaks during rain.

Put it through the soap-and-water or hose test. Have someone sit inside the vehicle as you hose the car down. Have them look for any leaks or weak points in the seals.

Vibrations or strange sounds when driving at high speeds

Some car owners report hearing strange rattling or vibrating sounds when driving their cars at high speed following a windshield replacement. This is one of the most significant indicators that something has gone wrong with your windshield. This often means that the windshield is not the right size and is moving around in the slot or has not been sealed correctly, leading to spaces that cause it to vibrate.

Be on the lookout for sounds that range from hardly audible to loud when you’re picking up speed on the road. They might be vibrating, clanking, or whooshing sounds. The sounds might also occur when driving in windy conditions.

blurry windshield

Wavy or blurry glass

Wavy glass is an indicator that the windshield has not been fitted correctly. The glass warps as it has been made to bend to fit. This could mean that the glass cut doesn’t suit your car model, or it’s a poor-quality aftermarket glass.

Remember to always ask the repair shop whether they use manufacturer-produced glass or OEM. The latter may be cheaper, but often the quality is sub-par. You get what you pay for when it comes to auto glass.

Take heed of after-installation precautions

Professional windshield repair specialists won’t just fix your windshield and let you drive off. They will also provide specific after-installation tips. For example, they may advise you to let your car stay parked for at least 24 hours following windshield installation. This allows the seals to be set correctly into place. Also, avoid taking it to a high-pressure car wash for at least a few days to help the seals and primers set correctly.

At Sentry Glass Inc, we not only provide high-quality auto glass replacement: we also use professional, manufacturer-grade materials. Our technicians will give you a comprehensive after-installation care guide to ensure your windshield sets correctly. Contact us today for a quote, or see our services here.