More automotive glass manufacturers have started to turn their attention toward future technologies. One of them is the development and implementation of smart glass. As the automotive glass industry observed a steady growth in recent years, largely thanks to the booming production sector, manufacturers have branched out towards innovations that pose benefits such as convenience to users.

As specialists in auto glass repair, Sentry Glass Inc. is familiar with the developments in smart glass. Though it’s a relatively recent technology, Sentry Glass Inc. has received inquiries from customers about whether this could be a feasible option for their vehicles. As with any innovation in the automotive industry, smart glass and its use have pros and cons.

What Is Smart Glass?

Smart glass is also known as switchable glass. It can transmit light through its makeup so that, through electricity, heat, or light, it can go from transparent to translucent. Most of the smart glass on the market utilizes voltage to do this.

In the automotive industry, Smart Glass has many advantages over regular glass.

Pros of Smart Glass

Reduces heat loss 

Heat in a vehicle primarily exits through the windows. With Smart Glass, more heat is retained during cold weather. Additionally, they do so without affecting visibility the way dark tint would.

Blocks UV rays

Smart glass windows can filter light and block ultraviolet rays on hot, sunny days. This ensures that the car still gets natural illumination and can stay cool without the need to switch on the air conditioner.

Saves energy

As a result of the previous two points, smart glass can help reduce energy consumption. Since smart glass does a lot of the work to conserve heat or keep UV light out, your AC and heater don’t need to work as hard (and consume as much energy) to keep the temperature inside your vehicle comfortable.

Heightens privacy

Because you can control smart glass’ tint, it enhances the privacy of the vehicle’s passengers. When necessary, they can lower the tint to be seen from the outside without opening the window. And when they prefer privacy, they can darken the tint.

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Cons of Smart Glass

High cost

Both the price and installation of smart glass can still be prohibitive, as it’s a relatively new development. It can go for around $100 per square meter of glass. The larger your vehicle, the more glass is needed. It, therefore, becomes more expensive.

Not widely accessible

And because it’s such a new invention, the applications aren’t widely accessible. There aren’t many stores that have it or offer installation for it. As with anything that requires an electrical system to control, Smart Glass may not be compatible with your vehicle if it can’t power it.

Difficult to install

There’s more complexity in installing smart glass than regular auto glass. It requires its own electrical system and controls. So it might cost more to swap out all your car’s glass for smart glass.

Consult with auto glass professionals

Before opting for smart glass, it’s crucial to ask a professional about it first. They can tell you whether they can install it and if  it’s a good idea for your vehicle.

Sentry Glass Inc. has years of experience handling auto glass, from repair and maintenance to complete replacement. Our specialists are familiar with the different types of auto glass and can provide options or alternatives that offer similar benefits but at a lower cost. Contact us today for a quote, or read about our glass replacement service.