How to Get Ice Off a Windshield

In the USA, over 70% of the roads are found in regions that receive an average of five inches of snowfall over the winter. According to the Federal Highway Administration, a quarter of the nation’s ice- and snow-related vehicle crashes happen during snowfall and sleet.  For Sentry Glass Inc, drivers must know how to handle winter…

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Debunking 4 Common Windshield Replacement and Repair Myths

Almost 6.6 million passenger cars were involved in traffic crashes in 2019 alone. Aside from responsible driving and regular maintenance, having proper car knowledge is also crucial to road safety. Relying on popular myths can be dangerous, especially those that encourage you to ignore any car issue. Of all the components that make up a…

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The Dangers of Driving with a Broken Windshield

The windshield is a vital safety component of any car. It provides security and peace of mind against harsh weather and flying debris. Constant exposure to these hazards, however, makes it more susceptible to damage. When your car’s windshield develops cracks and chips, it is easy to dismiss them as a simple cosmetic issue. However,…

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How to Maintain a Newly Replaced Car Windshield

Your car’s windshield plays an important part in keeping you safe during an accident. It prevents the car roof from collapsing or you from being ejected from the car and helps airbags properly deploy. That’s why it’s always important to keep your windshield in good working order. If you recently replaced your windshield, there are…


How to Tell If Your Windshield Was Installed Incorrectly

It’s easy to assume that everything is fine right after having your windshield repaired or replaced—at least until something wrong happens. A CBS News report found that as many as 70 to 85 percent of windshields are not properly installed. The report was sparked by a rollover accident, where a woman was violently ejected from…

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Signs Your Windshield Needs Replacing

According to an insurance journal report, 30% of all auto insurance claims in the United States are windshield-related. Because windshield damage is so common, it’s important to know when your windshield needs a repair or replacement. Maintaining and replacing it when needed is important so your safety on the road isn’t compromised. As a trusted…

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Common Causes of Windshield Damage

Your windshield plays a vital role in your car’s safety and protection. It is designed and made to be durable and long-lasting. But you can never tell when something, whether an accident or poor installation, will compromise your windshield’s dependability. Although there are emergency car windshield repair services available, it pays to be prepared for…